As you know in the past few weeks, COVID-19 has become a major health crisis in Australia and this is now affecting Gladstone Park Tennis Club (club).

To outline what has happened, all competitions that the club is participating in, have now suspended their competitions until further notice.  There is no indication when these competitions will resume.  Please refer to related association websites and their statements about how the season will continue to proceed.

The Club is disappointed that it has come to this, however, the health and well-being of our members and visitors have to take priority.  In terms of ball money and other costs associated with playing competition, the Club is currently looking at options regarding the best way to go about either refunding or potentially reducing the cost of ball money next season.  The club will also have to work with the related associations, to determine what their processes will be in relation to registrations fees paid by the club on behalf of its member to the associations.  It is only then, that the Club will be in a position to make a decision.

The Club has also decided that all club organised social events will be called off until further notice. Tennis Victoria has advised that the continuation of tennis coaching lessons is at the discretion of the Coaching provider. Gabriel will be in contact regarding the future of coaching and the club will continue to rely on direction from Tennis Victoria.

Regarding the use of courts, members are still able to use the courts, however, we do ask that members are sensible and take responsibility when it comes to their hygiene and care.  If you’re not feeling well, we urge you not to come to the club.

The club understands that many of you will be frustrated by these events and decisions. However, this is an unprecedented time that the club and the competitions that the club is associated with have never faced in their entire history.

We will keep you informed if there are any updates from the associations regarding the current season and any decision that is made regarding these events.

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